Self Confidence

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It is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.

The more confident you are, the more appealing you are to other people and the more confident you are, the more magnetism you have.

So, self confidence makes us happy and it affects and empowers other people, it causes us to make more sales, to make more money and to have better relationships …. self confidence is everything (learned from Brian Tracy).

Trust is a high powerful integrity, that we build in ourselves when we communicate with others, by being committed, honest and by practicing putting trust in others as well, then we get the confidence when others put their trust in us.

Building trust in one’s abilities and qualities, seems to be hard for the majority of people. Because of their emotional habits, their ways to respond emotionally to what happens to them throughout the days.

However, emotional habits are all learned, the positive and the negative ones. As a result, you can defuse/or learn to defuse the negative ones, and get rid of them.

It means that getting rid of doubt and fear in your abilities is possible, getting rid of feeling of guilt is possible and getting rid of feeling of unworthiness is possible.

Doubt, fear, feeling of guilt and feeling of unworthiness can stand between you and having a happy successful life.

Only by changing your thoughts because you have a control over your thoughts, and ways you respond emotionally to situations and circumstances, you can defuse any negative emotion and set yourself free from it.

Then you must work on your values, what you stand for and defend, your values should be clear and solid, so your self confidence would be clear and solid.

Finally, set your goals in life, work on them every day, refine them, achieve them and have the life you always dream of.


  1. If you have a self-confidence you have everything

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