Putting Things Away

It used to fill me with pride…how absolutely messy my living room was.
The scattered colored papers on the floor, the puzzle pieces, the books on the couch and under the couch (how ever did they get there), the lego tower …I felt that they were sufficient evidence of the wonderful, “brain developing activities” I was doing with my daughter.  I thought the room being messy was a testament to the creativity I was instilling in her and I liked my husband coming home and seeing ‘our messes’.
But then, one day, I invited several friends over for a play date, and as the mothers came to leave, they insisted on cleaning up with me and putting away every single toy, right then. It made me stop for a moment and question myself. I began to analyze why I was so against putting everything away neatly, and I realized that deep down inside, I held misconceptions surrounding ‘neatness and organization’. I had somehow over the years come to equate them with less creativity. As I explored these feelings and these ‘beliefs’ that I had formed over the years, I learned to recognize them as being shortsighted and incorrect…and probably to my husband’s relief, I learned to let them go.
Now, when we finish playing with the playdoh, I tell my daughter that ‘we need to put them away’. When we finish a puzzle, I don’t leave it on the ground but put it back in its place.

 And so,  2016 was the year I began to put things back in their drawers immediately. A small change on the outside… a big change in the inside.

And maybe that is what makes one person’s year so very different from the year before.  It isn’t so much the days or the minutes that change, but the beliefs we let go, and the decisions we are then free to make.

Writer and Editor @ Allexandrina.comLet’s Talk:  What is something that you learned in 2016? What belief do you need to let go of?

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