The Love Ritual

It was a Tuesday night, and my husband was out playing soccer, as he did on Tuesdays. I would stay at home, snuggling up with one of my books, enjoying the quiet time. But before my husband would go play soccer, he would stop at the mini-market next to our house and bring me one of my favorite chocolate bars to savor during my “me time” .
        This night, though, was different. We had had a somewhat tense discussion before he had left, and I was not in the best of moods.
    But when I stepped out of my room and into the living room, I saw it. There, sitting on the table, was one of my favorite  chocolate bars.

     My husband had gone out and still brought it for me, even though we had had a disagreement.

Looking at that chocolate bar, I felt a smile tug at the corners of my heart.

He had kept the “love ritual”.

It reminded me of a post I had read before. Unfortunately, I can neither remember the author of the post nor the blog’s title, but the message was clear. It was written by a wife who said her husband always put a water bottle near her bed at night, so that if she got thirsty, she had water nearby. One day, though, they got into an argument; however, her husband still went and put the water bottle next to her bed.
He had kept the ritual.
 It probably didn’t take him much time at all. But it left a powerful message, like the chocolate bar my husband left for me.
In both cases, the rituals said, ‘Listen,  I have disagreed with you, but you are still my love and I care.
 And while in both cases, they were rituals done by the husband, we wives have an equal obligation to keep the love growing, and keep our spouses feeling cared for. So let’s take a moment, and ask ourselves, “what is something I do for my husband as a sign of love? Is there something and I cant remember it? Or do I assume taking care of him, our children and our house is my love ritual? How do  I make him feel special?

Let’s think of something small that we can do..And let’s keep it. Come rain or snow or disagreements or busy schedules. Let’s keep it and watch the love grow.

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Before you go! Please feel free to comment with your own love rituals or ideas of things a person can do for their spouse to make them feel continually loved.

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