There Was Once A Time

There was once a time when I believed that the moon was chasing us.
And a time when I thought that all cats were females.
And a time when I thought that if I couldn’t see something, it didn’t exist.

Those times have changed

There was once a time when I thought that if I ever had a baby, I would have an epidural during the birth.
A time that I believed “rice pudding” was disgusting.

That has changed.

I had two all natural births.
I’m currently searching for a recipe for delicious rice pudding.

Time passes us by, and we find that so many of the things we thought to be true, were not necessarily.


If only we could remember that.

So many times, we get so very wrapped up in our thinking, that we confuse the boundaries between our thoughts and our selves; we merge them in our minds, or we imagine our thoughts and selves to be inseparable, conjoined twins.

But, we are not.

We are not our thoughts nor our thinking.

  Edward De Bono, in his book,   “Teach Your How Child to Think”.  writes quite simply,
“You” and “your thinking” are two separate matters (pg.71).
Despite the simplicity of the sentence, the concept is profound, and a major key to happiness.

By remembering that you are not your thinking, you keep your horizons open: you are aware that your thought process may be flawed and you are willing to examine it and re-evaluate your thoughts. You are willing to let go of the thoughts that hinder your growth, the thoughts that set you back. You remind yourself to resist and to refuse to succumb to the negative thoughts like “You are a loser/ a failure/ there’s nothing good about you..You remind yourself that those are simply thoughts, and that you do not need to give them power to control you.

And you are willing to listen to other thoughts; you are willing to accept other people’s thought processes.You understand that a different opinion is not an attack on you, personally, but simply nothing more than a different thought process. And so,  you are ready to put down your ego, and truly, truly, listen.

And so , I say to you again, those magical words.
You are not your thinking. You are not your thoughts.


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