Relation Between Sleep and Sobat

According to Arabic, sleep does not have one word to describe it. In fact, Arabs use many words to describe sleep based on the phase of sleep or the state the person is in.
For example, Annoas is the desire to sleep.
Al wasan: comes after Annoas, a phase in which the person feels heaviness in holding the head up.
Attarneeq: is aphase after al wasan, and in which the eyes start to close. and the phases continue until the person reaches Assobat.  Assobat, without alif and lam at the beginning is Sobat, sobatan and sobata, is mentioned in the Quran in surat Annaba verse 9.

Assobat, is a phase of sleep that in it we reach comfort, and if we wake up after we feel well-rested. In this verse, Allah Subhanaho Wa Tala tells us that he makes it possible for us to reach that phase of sleep, without which we won’t be able to perform well.
When you look up the translation of the meaning of this verse, you will find it as: ” And made your sleep [a means for] rest”. 
Adding to that meaning the Arabic use of the word helps in the understanding of the verse, which brings trust in Allah and heals the heart.


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