Training Courses and Applications

Personal Development Course

This is Allexandrina’s best selling course.

In this course, you will explore who you truly are. You will discover your most powerful values, set goals (including financial and social) and steps to successfully achieve them, and learn how to eliminate the harmful beliefs that have kept you from reaching your most excellent self.  Furthermore, you will learn how to effectively communicate with others, including your spouse! Above all, you will learn that you can do far more than you ‘think’ you can.

Course contents
– Introduction
– Why do you need this course?
– Thinking, the way we think affects the way we behave
– Positive and negative thinking
– Your language and what do you say to yourself
– What is Self-confidence
– What could you do when your self-confidence is higher?
– Your values
– How to set your goals
– Self-image (how do you see yourself)
– Communication skills
– Different ways men and women communicate
– How to win others

Price:£ 110
Course length: 8 hours


Effective Joyous Learning 

This course is a new, advanced method of teaching and learning. It’s a total system for speeding and enhancing the learning process. It has proven that you can learn effectively while saving time and money. This course was designed to help you to learn anything better and faster.

Course contents
– Introduction
– What affects the learning process
– What are the stages of learning?
– Difference between Linear and Global learners
– Enjoy learning

Price: £70
Course length: 5 hours

Applications Of Effective Joyous Learning

 Time Management

This course is for anyone who has ‘wished that there was just more time’ to accomplish things. For anyone who has put their “life and goals on hold” because they simply can’t find the time to pursue their dreams. The time has come to change all that.  The Time management course will revolutionize the way you look at the time. It was built to develop time organizing skills that are easy to learn by anyone that seeks to take the best advantage of their time, achieve more goals and be more productive.

Table of contents
– Introduction
– Tips for preparing yourself.
– What is your plan?
– What is your timeline?
– How to arrange your tasks?
– How to avoid procrastination?

Price: £40
Course length: 3 hours


  1. The personal development course is very important for me. Your article helped me very much to learn many new things. Thanks for sharing with us!

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