Applications Of Effective Joyous Learning (new)

“All learning is understanding relationships” said George Washington Carver.

I strongly believe that the best education a child or an adult can have is where the best relationships exist. When parents and teachers build successful communication channels between them and their children and students, prepare an inviting learning environment , select a suitable learning material for the student needs and use different assessment methods, then we could ensure the best education.

As you can see we should work on many aspects, preparing a good educator, a good environment, a good material and a good understanding to how all these aspects relate to each other and to the student.

We all deserve to have good relationships with ourselves and with people around us.

Allexandrina offers the following packages for parents, teachers, and students:

Better Communication for Better Parenting

Better Communication for Better teaching

Behavior and consequences 

Allexandrina also offers a special package for schools and educational centers.boyhappy


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