Personal Coaching

Why Personal Coaching?
Many times, when giving personal development courses specially to groups, I encourage that trainees associate their life experiences with the exercises in the session, sometimes they just need a push, simple guidance or assurance , which can be set in the session itself, but other times trainees feel the need for more time to discuss more sensitive matters, or to give the full extent of their situation, worries and experiences.

Allexandrina’s Personal Coaching and consultation  service exists to answer that need, also it can involve family counselling if it is needed in order to help them getting a new start.

Allexandrina has a special offer for its new clients that are interested in personal coaching and are not necessary interested in taking any course, a twenty minutes session FREE of charge, in order to talk directly with the coach, ask questions, and share your concerns. Also to book your sessions when you feel that is going a head with the coaching is right for you.

The cost of one hour of coaching is £15

Allexandrina’s personal development coach has many years of experience in the field to assure you the highest quality possible.


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