Packages for Muslim Clients

Assalamo Aliekum!

If you chose Islam as a way to live, while building another happy life for yourself in the hereafter, and if you have a challenge, either in societies that mainly practice Islam as a religion or societies where you might be the only one practicing, I have Good News for you!

Allexandrina offers Personal coaching, training courses and learning packages for you, the main source of these packages is The Noble Quran and the prophet’s traditions. These packages will help you to see different ways to cope with this challenge, in many aspects of your life, personal, marriage, parenting, professional and social.

Reading a book in Nature

Available training packages:

Understanding Islam

In 10 sessions, you will learn who is Allah? How do you know Him? What are His names and attributes? Who is Muhammad? What is the Quran about? Is it Islam so complicated? What are the five pillars of Islam? How to be a happy Muslim?

Is there a Solution for my OCD in Islam?

Through a minimum of five sessions, and only if you are ready to explore your thinking and beliefs, together we are going to discover the reason for your OCD, help you through clear steps identify what is the thoughts attack pattern? and how to break the pattern and set yourself free from OCD.

For booking a free 20 minutes session or any of the above packages please go to contact.

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