Course Testimonials

Personal Development Course Testimonials

“That’s helped me a lot and will keep helping me all along my life insh Allah. Jazaka Allah’ u khairan.”
Maryam , Canada

“I feel more secure about myself and I take hard times as a challenge to go forward to be always a better person.”
Fatima , Finland

“I feel very different. I am not only more positive myself, but I also recognize and appreciate positivity in others more. I’ve learned to instinctively analyze things that I may never have given a second thought to previously. I am beginning to understand people more and more. I’ve learned to deal with some things that would have previously driven me crazy!
The biggest change is that I’ve accepted an important truth – I can do anything that I choose to do, inshaAllah.”
Jessica , USA

“This was a new but very efficient way of learning for me, very practical (kid-wise, didn’t have to take my daughter with me to class) and cozy (I could take class in my pajamas 🙂 ) I love online learning!”
Zina , Bosnia

“I feel that I understand myself more and that I can control my emotions and my thoughts. Besides, I learned a lot of skills, and I knew how to set goals that suits my capacities and how to confirm to the plans that I put. It helped me to have a self discipline, and improve my self confidence because I felt that I did something and that I have the ability to do anything.”
Dahlia , Egypt

“I enjoyed the whole of the class it enlightened me in many areas of my life I needed to know if I was going in the right direction and it help me much to see what I was doing.”
Sumra , USA

“The course opened my eyes  to see things from a different point of view(it was great).”
Bia , USA


  1. I also have just finished my first Personal Development course with Ms. Nisreen and I must say, the course was absolutely worth it! I signed up a bit skeptic but within the first 10 minutes, I was completely convinced (and had already decided that I would be signing up for any other courses she offers). I walked away with not only the knowledge that I can CHANGE for the better and be who I I want to be- I walked away actually having taken steps in that direction.
    Jazakillah khair =)

    • Jazana Allah wa eyakom 🙂
      May Allah accept from you, and make it easy for you to achieve all you want in this life and for Akhera. Ameen

  2. Having just finished my first self development course with Ms Nisreen, I can honestly say that I loved every bit of it. I walked out of the course with a higher self confidence, truly aware of the principles that matter most to me, and with a refreshing “I can and I will” do it attitude. This course may have ended but the lessons I learned will stay with me for life. Looking forward to more courses! Jazaki Allah khair

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