Allexandrina.com is a training online center which started proving personal training and courses completely online in October, 2008.
Allexandrina is to provide online life personal development, skill training and seminars effectively and comfortably for its trainees.
The idea of Allexandrina was built and developed by Eng. Nissrine Abdulfattah who has long experience in training and research. Nissrine believes that with love, trust and consistency you can develop yourself in many ways. she often says to her trainees: ” You are better and you can do better”. She has helped numerous individuals from across the globe to successfully achieve their goals and become the person they always dreamed of becoming.
She gained her engineering degree in 2002, was certified after that in sign language, Java Programming and NLP.
Professionally she worked as a teacher of physics in the yearly teacher training program in Faculty of Education in Alexandria , a coordinator in CCL, ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon in Portugal, a school principal in Alexandria, and one to one, one to group coach, on site and online.
Allexandrina aims to offer the best online training and coaching services, and to be a source of hope for everyone.


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